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  • Louise
    on 2011/09/22, 4:10 PM

    Hi Justin, Thanks for your comments and for sharing the link. I hadn't seen that stool actually! its very similar accept the fact that mine is from recycled car parts obviously. :)

  • Michelle Perez
    on 2011/09/20, 8:34 AM

    great job! very creative :)

  • Justin Park
    on 2011/09/20, 5:59 AM

    You guys are awesome, Thank you!!

  • Richie Khan
    on 2011/09/20, 4:21 AM

    Nicely done! Keep up the good work and keep being creative. This is something I would use in my room since it's an unusual piece but clearly original at the same time.

  • Deborah Kim
    on 2011/09/20, 4:05 AM

    so creative:)

  • Justin Park
    on 2011/09/14, 3:25 AM

    Thanks Niclas!!

  • Niclas Kröger
    on 2011/09/13, 2:16 PM

    Welcome to ScrapLab, Justin! I hope oyu enjoy the contest!

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Backpack Hanger.

About my design:

Something as ordinary as the back of an old disassembled chair, can be given new life to become an entirely new & functional object.

Tired of tripping and stumbling over my school bags, I've decided to design a wall-mounted bag hanger to secure the backpacks when not in use.
Normally, they would be thrown in the closet or shoved in the corner of the room, but this design gives the Backpacks an unobtrusive storage space conveniently on the wall for quick and easy access.
The swooping natural curves of the hanger and the protruding dowel nubs hold the shoulder straps in place, allowing for up to 2 bags to be stored at a time.

Check out the process from start to finish on my blog:

Jane Namon 2011/09/20, 4:19 AM

this is truly unique and cool !
Brian SunHyun Yion 2011/09/20, 5:17 AM

Form and function...very sweet!