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  • chuanfoo
    on 2011/09/02, 5:48 PM

    Your ideas are amazing!

    on 2011/08/07, 11:23 AM

    First one is in. The photo is made by Phillip Abbas

  • Niclas Kröger
    on 2011/08/05, 2:11 PM

    Hello and Welcome to ScrapLab! I hope you like it here! We are excited to see your designs!

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Confusions – Fold/ Unfold Candle Holders

About my design:

∙ Confusions are a series of candle holders RE USE aluminum printing plates from offset industry.

∙ Products are distributed flat to be composed by the user DIY & Minimal distribution surface.

∙ No glue, nuts or bolts are needed! The flat net designed in a manner that one face is connecting to another using interlocking tabs and slots.

∙ The plates are cut using water-jet according to cad drawings made by the author – variation in the form and its perforations is endless.

∙ A special device is integrated in the net to accommodate an ordinary wax candle.

∙ Each piece can be fold from two sides, when one side the printed memory exposed in the exterior while in the othre side the printed memory in lighted by the candle.

∙ My aim within this work is to create a household accessories collection that are manufactured & distributed in a single surface, accommodating:
1. Product
2. Package
3. Assembly instructions.

∙ Considering sustainability not only as using left-over materials but meeting the needs of tomorrow, Confusions in particular and Collective Paper Aesthetics in general are proposing a new meeting point between recycling to popular consumption culture.

ktang88on 2011/08/07, 4:31 PM

Love it!!
facupojon 2011/08/17, 5:26 PM

beautiful geometry + light...nice job!
valerie on 2011/08/24, 5:30 PM

wow , awesome design and great light effect
EvaLon 2011/08/24, 11:54 PM

great design