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  • potsagabi
    on 2011/09/15, 9:23 AM

    Thank you :) Leather really makes them look much better, almost like brand new stuff.

  • Maria Bang
    on 2011/09/14, 9:12 PM

    Very nice work. Wouldn't have thaught it possible to do so well from just old skech books

  • Niclas Kröger
    on 2011/08/29, 1:32 PM

    Welcome to ScrapLab! Great design! Looking forward to see some more of your works!

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Upcycled sketchbooks

About my design:

I made these books out of waste paper and worn-out clothes. The idea came up when I saw at the university how much paper goes to waste because of a bad drawing or a wrong print lies on the top third of it... So the paper is collected from old sketchbooks’ blank pages, envelopes, wrong prints by plotters and home printers. I collected these for several months to get enough paper for the books.

Some pages are white, some colored, some are lined and some are old and yellow. Each book has a special story because sometimes little marks, page numbers remain on the pages. These papers have been used, but are still good enough for sketching and writing. Sometimes I find graphic designs that I can reuse on the inner side of the cover to make the book more special.

Small sheets are spiral-bound, large sheets are sewn. Every book is different in size and color. I think that by collecting good quality wastepaper from companies and presses, much more books could be manufactured and sold as products.