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Old footwear which were out of fashion so it was just lying unused in my shoe rack. So I wanted to try something with it and I never knew it would come out so nicely. I just used the base of that footwear and covered it with old worn out denim. To hold onto foot I need now a thumb which i wanted to a Square as you can see in the pictures and then I got the same covered with denim. I also something to hold my heels as I walk so I got a string made of same denim which I attached as its seen in picture. Its a minimalistic design. Less is More!!

efion 2011/09/15, 7:38 AM

I like that Saurabh! The picture is cut, though. Maybe you could upload another one, too, so as to understand how the strap is.
Saurabhon 2011/09/15, 7:42 AM


hey efi..thanks a lot for ur comment..actually i have made a composition of pictures on enlarge view and u may find other pictures also for the same...let me know if it works..thanks
Elina Presniakovaon 2011/09/15, 8:31 PM

looks comfortable!!!
Saurabhon 2011/09/15, 8:34 PM


trust me..its very comfortable..and looks elegant...goes best with informal wears...i m loving it..thanks elina for u comment..
efion 2011/09/16, 10:05 AM

Saurabh, the enlarge button works just fine! Nice pics you have there... The design is clear now. Great!
Saurabhon 2011/09/16, 10:24 AM


:) thanks efi..
giuliaaaon 2011/09/17, 3:14 PM

wish i could try them!
Saurabhon 2011/09/17, 7:33 PM


hey giuliaaa..are you really interested in getting this one?
giuliaaaon 2011/09/18, 3:56 PM

i meant that it would be interesting to try if they are comfortable!
Saurabhon 2011/09/18, 7:42 PM


lol..and i thought u were interested in having one...anyways trust me they are comfortable...and i m loving it...! :)
tiolaconon 2013/11/06, 1:02 AM

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