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Barrique Chair

About my design:

The BARRIQUE Chair is completely made of used barriques (225 litre wine barrels). These barrels are replaced after several years when they stop emitting their taste of oak to the wine. Some are used for several years in the production of red wine as a storing tank (through their oxidation the wine gets a special taste and can be stored in the bottle for a longer time). 
 This chair is built like a barrel, the side panels are made of the bottoms of the barrels, where you can see a discolouration of the wood by the red wine. The toasted staves(treated by fire and smoke for the taste) have a darker colour. The staves are held together with oval beech pins, from the company Festol, which are not visible. The typical bung from the barrel is integrated into the back surface. The BARRIQUE-chair is sealed with BIOFA linseed oil. Oak in such a quality that is essential for bending the staves is very expensive. The randomly ergonomic shape is ideal for the seat and backrest. 
I would like to treat this topic more extensively, by considering further today's environmental aspects and the use of additional materials and shapes.

Niclas Krögeron 2011/09/16, 3:10 PM

Really Cool! Could you upload a few additional pictures that show the chair from different positions?