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  • ciaramcguinness
    on 2011/10/02, 5:50 PM

    wow can i have that??

  • Ger
    on 2011/10/01, 3:17 PM


  • eoiny
    on 2011/09/30, 10:28 PM

    awesome job!

  • ellen comer
    on 2011/09/30, 9:30 PM


  • aoife
    on 2011/09/30, 8:47 PM

    very fun and innovative creations good work .....such talented people

  • shellyos
    on 2011/09/30, 4:05 PM


  • The I.T Crowd
    on 2011/09/30, 12:10 PM

    thanks annett

  • Annett
    on 2011/09/30, 9:52 AM

    Welcome to the ScrapLab Contest!

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Student Recession

About my design:

Bottle Chair
We recycled old newspapers and glass bottles sourced from our local student bar to create a functional and creative chair with a hidden message in each bottle.

About our team:
We have design these individual furniture pieces with a concept behind each one using all locally source recycled materials, mainly concentrating on student waste. So we asked ourselves what do we waste? What of this waste is not recycled appropriately? We had a time frame of two weeks and a team of 12 interior architect and design students. In totally we have four creations, each with their own story and concept. We really enjoyed this project and hope you can be inspired from our designs. All of these pieces can be found under the titled Student Recession. enjoy :)
Materials: glass, paper, wood

Crean Himynameislauraon 2011/09/30, 9:22 AM

Very interesting and fun!
efion 2011/09/30, 10:08 AM

Colourfull!! I like it!
shanecolreavyon 2011/09/30, 12:11 PM

yet amazed
shanecolreavyon 2011/09/30, 12:11 PM

yet amazed
smurphkingon 2011/09/30, 12:19 PM

like this
sinead on 2011/09/30, 2:23 PM

love the kaleidoscopic effect it gives off if there's a spotlight above it. very impressive!!
mauraon 2011/09/30, 3:29 PM

rita on 2011/09/30, 7:22 PM

oooh this is fantastic!
rita on 2011/09/30, 7:22 PM

oooh this is fantastic!
aoifeon 2011/09/30, 8:39 PM

omg can this be purchased???? i want this in my sitting room! sooooo funky, loving it!!!!
ellen comeron 2011/09/30, 8:55 PM

what a great creation, very attractive piece of furniture. I would buy this piece!
eoinyon 2011/10/01, 11:37 AM

radial chair! me likey
Bazcomeron 2011/10/04, 3:39 AM

How much?????
pjkelly14on 2011/10/04, 7:29 PM

pjkelly14on 2011/10/04, 7:30 PM

vitabellaon 2011/12/14, 9:30 AM

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