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(Mieszkaniowa Jednostka Ogrodowa (pol.) which means the Flat Garden Unit)

This is a piece of furniture which combines a desk with a garden. The space of a desktop was minimized to a size which allowed one to work with a laptop on it. Under the working area there is a small locker. The rest of the space is intended for plants. The aim of an MJO is to grow vegetables and herbs inside a flat all year long.
The piece of furniture includes a special lamp that enables a plant to grow in not-enough-lit interiors. The desk has also wheels that make it movable – you can follow the sun by pushing it from one window to another during the day. The whole construction is made from old and useless pieces of furniture which were arranged into a new form.
The desk is still a desk so you can work on it and at the same time observe a process of plant growing while being able to care for the plant(s). After some time you will work surrounded by greenery which, for sure, will make you feel better.
Symbolically, this equipment is intended to bring food production closer to our daily existence and help us share our space with it. Historically, as a whole society, we have changed a country life style for a city life style. So working the soil or gardening (and this process is still going on) has turned into working on a desk. On the one hand, we freed ourselves from a hard work but on the other hand, we have lost a contact and the control of food production and as a consequence with a big part of something which is called nature.
After some period of time it has become obvious for most of us that a mass food production is bad and we have to change it. So now when cities all over the world get bigger and bigger, we have to search for new ideas and new strategies for our new environment. I believe it won’t be just one idea but plenty of different inventions all deriving from the need of bringing a food production closer to every day life. I hope an MJO is one of such inventions.
When I think of a perfect and complete living space for a human, I always see, among other things, a place where some form of food could be produced.

Materials: reclaimed wood