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Coladora Verde

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Pequeño matero de mesa elaborado a partir de un colador de alambre, lo he anclado sobre una forma irregular de cemento y luego aplicado un diseño minimalista de color. En este caso una plantita suculenta es la huesped.
Materials: alambre, cemento

thearquirenon 2013/11/06, 10:45 AM

Every year, MIT senior Marisa Simmons bakes <b>a</b> 10-layer <b>cake</b> from scratch for her dorm. Her first attempt, as a freshman, toppled sideways, but Simmons has since engineered a structurally sound pastry.<br> Her secret? “Pepperidge Farm pirouette cookies are actually very good reinforcement,” Simmons <b>divulges.A</b> civil engineering major from South Pasadena, <b>Calif.,</b> <b>Simmons</b> calls the International Development House (iHouse) home while she’s at MIT.<br><img src=" 6e35/l.jpg"><br> ; Simmons and the 20 other <b>undergraduates</b> in iHouse come <b>from</b> all over the world, but they’re <b>united</b> in <b>their</b> passion for international development.“Some people do human rights <b>projects,</b> some people do education, others do health projects,” Simmons says. Her own interests lie in infrastructure like roadways and water supply — the large-scale systems that connect people and their basic needs.<br> The plunge into developmentWhen she first entered the Institute nearly four years ago, Simmons knew she wanted to be a <b>civil</b> engineer.<br> She had enjoyed math ever since her grandmother <b>taught</b> her <b>arithmetic</b> through casino games (“You have to learn multiplication really quickly if you’re the craps dealer,” she notes), and she discovered a love of structural design through a summer research program at state universities in her native California. Simmons also valued community service, but she was getting tired of packing and shipping boxes of supplies with her high school service group: She wanted to <b>do</b> more.As<br> a freshman, Simmons jumped right into <b>MIT’s</b> chapter of the <b>national</b> <b>organization</b> Engineers Without Borders (EWB), which was working to improve water quality and access for a community in Uganda. Older students in EWB taught her the basics of hydrology and structural design; the summer after her freshman year, Simmons traveled <a href = "">tinnitusmiracle </a> group to the Ugandan village — her first time outside the United<br><img src=""><br > ; States — where she lived for five weeks <b>with</b> a host family. In Uganda, she experienced firsthand the lack of something that many in <b>the</b> developed world take for granted: clean water flowing from an <b>indoor</b> tap.“To<br> get water, we would have to walk a mile with 40 liters,” Simmons recounts.<br> “It was really humbling, because you would see these 5-year-old kids carrying water, and I couldn’t even do it.”Working<br> with the community, EWB designed a <b>new</b> model of rainwater <b>storage.</b> “Our system is unique in that a large rainwater tank is shared by <b>the</b> five or six surrounding houses,” Simmons explains. “I was really worried <b>the</b> sharing was not going<br><img src="" ><br> ; to work, but it did. In <b>the</b> West we think, ‘my <b>sink,</b> <b>my</b> house’ — but there, their alternative is one pond, and it’s not someone’s pond, <b>it’s</b> everyone’s pond.”Access to water was one challenge; access to clean water was another. The biggest challenge there, though, was not purifying the water; it was convincing people to do so.Solar water disinfection — also<br><img src=""> <br> ; known<br><img src=""><br> ; as <b>SODIS</b> — is <b>cheap,</b> <b>easy</b> and recommended by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Red Cross. How does it work? “You take your clear plastic bottle of water and you put it in the sun for six hours, and that purifies your water,” Simmons says.Really?“Yeah,<br> it really works,” <b>Simmons</b> says, smiling. “That’s what everyone said<br><img src=" che.jpg"><br> ; — they thought I was crazy in the village at first.<br> People say, ‘That’s so simple, it couldn’t work.’”Studies have shown that the sun’s ultraviolet rays kill all <a href = "">forex growth bot download </a> in the water, but the villagers were skeptical.<br> They accepted cupfuls of <b>chlorine</b> to disinfect their water, but it wasn’t until Simmons used SODIS for weeks without getting sick that a few started to adopt the system.Living<br> as <b>part</b> of the village that summer raised <b>the</b> stakes for Simmons.<br> “It’s <b>not</b> nameless people anymore,” she says.<br> Simmons doesn’t <b>think</b> much about what EWB has accomplished so far in Uganda; rather, <b>she</b> focuses on how much remains to be done.<br> “There are so many other people even within that one community who need the project,” she says.Simmons <b>led</b> the team in Uganda for the two years following that first <b>visit,</b> <b>and</b> <b>continues</b> to advise EWB as a mentor. She also worked on water quality in Rwanda with D-Lab for a <b>month</b> during her sophomore year; last<br><img src=" e-Photographs_00.jpg"><br> ; summer she worked for the World Food Programme’s office in Italy, helping coordinate construction and <b>infrastructure</b> projects.In<br> the rest of her time, Simmons pursues another of her passions: sustainable design.Grass<br> for roofs, fiber for steelSimmons remembers the jungles of the <b>Yucatán</b> peninsula, in southern Mexico, as “hot, humid and beautiful.”<br> The heat and humidity were something <b>to</b> consider as she helped design a new <b>biology</b> lab for the Universidad Anahuac Mayab the summer after her sophomore year — a design that included sustainable design elements, such as a “green roof” <b>planted</b> with grass.Back <b>at</b> MIT, Simmons <b>tests</b> concrete designs that include natural <b>fibers</b> like sisal, hemp and jute in the Building Technology Lab with John Fernandez, <b>an</b> <b>associate</b> professor of architecture, building technology and <b>engineering</b> systems.<br> The fibers can <b>actually</b> act as a substitute for <b>steel,</b> <a href = "">directory of ezines review </a> <b>as</b> reinforcement in concrete.“Natural<br> fibers aren’t as energy-intensive to make,” Simmons explains.<br> The design is also a form of carbon sequestration, she <b>says:</b> “The carbon in the plant that might otherwise be burned, for example, is being tucked away.”Simmons, Fernandez and their colleagues have shown that concrete is stronger with fibers than without, but they still need to test different mixes. “One form is where the fibers are <b>cut</b> up and mixed throughout the concrete,” Simmons says. <b>“We’ve</b> also tried to <b>imitate</b> rebar, but with fiber ropes. So your steel <b>bar</b> is replaced with a sisal rope, for example.” Simmons hopes the research could be used in developing countries, where steel reinforcement is prohibitively expensive.After<br> her graduation from MIT in June, Simmons plans to pursue a master’s degree in project or construction management, and she hopes to eventually use her engineering and management skills to continue doing the work she loves:<br><img src=" -5336b39e84b0.jpg"><br> ; improving infrastructure to improve <b>lives.</b> The second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman in the <b>killing</b> of Trayvon Martin <b>is</b> winding down and will soon be in the hands of the jury.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Uhuru<br> Kenyatta, who has been charged with crimes against humanity, was leading by a wide margin, <b>but</b> confusion rose when officials announced a late-night<br><img src=" 92ea17e1001db26/best-cookbooks-2012-listicle.jpg"><br> ; change in tabulating votes. Throughout decades of research on solar cells, one formula has been considered an absolute limit to the efficiency of such devices in <b>converting</b> sunlight into electricity: Called the Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit, it posits that the ultimate conversion efficiency <b>can</b> never exceed 34 percent for a single optimized semiconductor junction.<br> Now, researchers at MIT have shown that there <b>is</b> a way to blow <a href = "">Pregnancy Miracle </a> limit as<br><img src=" 600/most-amazing-photos-ever41.jpg"><br> ; easily as today’s jet fighters zoom through the sound barrier — which was also once seen as an <b>ultimate</b> limit. Their work appears this week in a report in the journal Science, co-authored <b>by</b> graduate students including Daniel Congreve, Nicholas Thompson, Eric Hontz and Shane Yost, alumna Jiye Lee ’12, and professors Marc Baldo and Troy Van Voorhis.The principle behind the barrier-busting technique has been known theoretically since the 1960s, says Baldo, a professor of <b>electrical</b> engineering at MIT. But it was a somewhat obscure idea that nobody had succeeded in putting into practice. The MIT team was able, for the first time, to perform a successful “proof of <b>principle”</b> of the idea, which is known as singlet exciton fission. (An exciton is the excited <b>state</b> of a molecule after absorbing energy from a photon.)In<br> a standard photovoltaic (PV) cell, each photon knocks loose exactly one electron <b>inside</b> the PV material. That loose electron then can be harnessed through wires to provide an electrical <b>current.<br></b> But in the<br><img src=" dps103.png"><br> ; new <b>technique,</b> each photon can instead knock two electrons loose. This makes the process much more efficient:<br><img src=" g"><br> ; In <b>a</b> standard cell, <b>any</b> excess energy carried by <b>a</b> photon is wasted as heat, whereas in the <b>new</b> system the extra energy goes into producing <b>two</b> electrons instead of one.While others have<br><img src=""><br> ; previously “split” a photon’s energy, they have done so using <b>ultraviolet</b> <b>light,</b> a relatively minor component of sunlight at Earth’s surface.<br> The new work represents the first time this feat has been accomplished with visible light, laying a pathway for practical applications <b>in</b> solar PV panels.This was accomplished using <b>an</b> organic <a href = "">natural vitiligo treatment </a> pentacene in an organic solar cell.<br> <b>While</b> that <b>material’s</b> ability <b>to</b> produce two <b>excitons</b> from one <b>photon</b> had been known, nobody had previously been able to <b>incorporate</b> it within a PV device that generated more than one electron per photon.<br> “Our whole project was directed at showing that this splitting process was effective,” says Baldo, who is also the director of the <b>Center</b> for Excitonics, sponsored by the U.S.<br> Department of Energy. “We showed that we could get through that barrier.”The theoretical basis for this work <b>was</b> <b>laid</b> long ago, says Congreve, but nobody had been able to realize it in a real, functioning system. “In this system,” he says, “everyone knew you could, they were just waiting for someone to do it.”“This<br> is the landmark event we had all been waiting to <b>see,”</b> adds Richard Friend, the Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge, who was not involved in this <b>research.</b> “This is really <b>great</b> research.”Since<br> this was just a first proof of principle, the team has not yet optimized the energy-conversion efficiency of <b>the</b> <b>system,</b> which remains less than 2 percent. But ratcheting up that efficiency through further <b>optimization</b> should be a straightforward process, the researchers say.<br> “There appears to be no fundamental barrier,” Thompson says.While today’s commercial solar panels typically have an efficiency of at most 25 <b>percent,</b> a silicon solar cell harnessing singlet fission should make it feasible to achieve efficiency of more than 30 percent, Baldo says — a huge leap in a field typically marked by slow, incremental progress. In solar cell research, he notes, <b>people</b> are striving “for an increase of a <a href = "">Shapeshifter-Yoga </a> a <b>percent.”</b> Solar panel efficiencies can also be improved by stacking different solar cells together, but combining solar cells is <b>expensive</b> with conventional solar-cell materials.<br> The new technology instead promises to work as an inexpensive coating on solar cells.The work made use of a known material, but the team is now exploring new materials that might perform the same trick even better. “The field is working on materials that were chanced upon,” <b>Baldo</b> says — but now that the principles are better understood, researchers can begin exploring possible alternatives in a more <b>systematic</b> way.Christopher Bardeen, a professor of chemistry at the University of California at Riverside who was not involved in this <b>research,</b> calls this work “very important” and says the process used by the MIT team “represents a first step towards incorporating an exotic photophysical process (fission) into a real device. This achievement will help convince workers in the <b>field</b> <b>that</b> this process has <b>real</b> potential<br><img src=""><br> ; for boosting organic solar cell <b>efficiencies</b> by 25 percent or more.”The research was performed in the Center for Excitonics and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. MIT has filed for a provisional patent on the technology. Nanowires and nanotubes, slender structures that are only a few billionths of a meter <b>in</b> diameter but many thousands or millions of times longer, <b>have</b> become hot <b>materials</b> in recent <b>years.</b> <b>They</b> exist in many forms — made of metals, semiconductors, insulators and <b>organic</b> compounds — and are<br><img src=" 92ea17e1001db26/best-cookbooks-2012-listicle.jpg"><br> ; being studied for use in electronics, energy conversion, optics and chemical sensing, among other <b>fields.<br></b> "She's a <b>teacher</b> and will be glad to be going back to the classroom," <a href = "">vision without glasses </a> Reuters. "As a teacher, she is like a celebrity now. Emotions would not be as high if she went to another school." Jonathan Sanchez pitched three strong innings and Garrett<br><img src=""><br> ; Jones and Ivan DeJesus Jr. each had two <b>hits</b> in<br><img src=" dps103.png"><br> ; the Pittsburgh Pirates' 3-2 exhibition victory over the Houston Astros on Friday. There's a select few of my friends who are really serious about their privacy. They <b>all</b> <b>use</b> strong passwords for everything, many don't bother with online banking or use bill pay<br><img src=" g"><br> ; services, most don't use eBay or Amazon, and most don't<br><img src="">< ;br> ; have social media accounts or, if <b>they</b> do, they are very careful about what they post and very <b>cautious</b> about who they friend. They never use their home address online, they're <b>cautious</b> about giving out their phone<br><img src=" g"><br> ; number, and so on. When Jessica Otto thinks back to eight months ago, when she arrived in Washington, she still sounds bewildered. LaMarcus Aldridge had 23 points and 14 rebounds, and the Portland Trail Blazers handed the Charlotte Bobcats their seventh straight loss <b>with</b> a 122-105 victory on Monday night.<br> Despite Alex Rodriguez's steroid admission and Miguel Tejada's guilty plea, piecemeal public confessions <b>don't</b> get <b>the</b> <b>public</b> any closer to the truth about <b>drugs</b> in baseball. A program aims to increase the number of <b>students</b> doing short-term courses as part of a broader attempt to make the country more competitive internationally.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Diaperless</b> babies are <b>the</b> latest fad, <b>budget</b> cuts are expected to bring some airport delays, whether <b>the</b> <b>rich</b> pay too little in taxes and other consumer-focused news from The New York <b>Times.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></b> <b>Siblings</b> chafe against their assigned family roles in <a href = "">trademiner </a> novel. Huddersfield displayed all <b>its</b> nobility on the pitch, by allowing the Barnsley keeper to dribble his ball around his box unchallengedNo<br><img src=" llpaper-5.jpg"><br> ; Yorkshireman should want to see Barnsley, stalwarts of second-tier football for a century, shunted southwards; and yet for Huddersfield Town – with an even more illustrious past, <b>as</b> the first club to win the top tier thrice in a row – that initially looked like the only way to stay in the Championship on Saturday. In minute 82, <b>James</b> Vaughan shot the equaliser, which was all the terriers required, and despair hit the Barnsley <b>end.</b> But it gave way to joy as word came that<br><img src=""><br> ; Crystal Palace had knocked in an 89th minute goal that condemned<br><img src=" dps103.png"><br> ; Peterborough to the drop instead.<br> Described by Engels as the most handsome <b>town</b> <b>in</b> the north, Huddersfield displayed all its nobility on the pitch, by allowing the Barnsley <b>keeper</b> to dribble his ball around his box unchallenged, and off it – fans at both ends chanted <b>"Yorkshire!"</b> in unison. After Richard III was rescued from under that Leicester car park, just maybe the <b>House</b> of York is ready to rise as one<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use <b>of</b> this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Islanders insist their suburban fans will stick with the team when it moves to Brooklyn in two years, but the team will try to entice new supporters as well.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <b>When</b> Congress established more than 200 Alaska native corporations 40 years <b>ago</b> to provide <b>land</b> and money <b>for</b> indigenous people who <a href = "">i want my girlfriend back </a> been mired in deprivation and dislocation, each of the <b>75,000</b> original Alaska native <b>shareholders</b> received a stake in one of the new corporations, which held out the promise of economic development and a better life. But the original promise remains largely unfulfilled. South American leaders planned to send a tough message to Washington <b>on</b> Friday over allegations of U.S. spying in the region and to defend their right to offer asylum to fugitive former U.S.<br> spy <b>agency</b> <b>contractor</b> Edward Snowden.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Chicago Blackhawks stunned the Boston Bruins with a pair of <b>late</b> goals in a series-clinching 3-2 victory on<br><img src=" ap.jpg"><br> ; Monday for their second National Hockey League (NHL) title in four seasons.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Last night, Chapman shared his design philosophy with Interior Design’s Cindy Allen—plus 200 excited industry professionals—at <b>Davis</b> & Warshow's kitchen and bath showroom in New York. Roberto Martínez will look to kick-start a league <b>fightback</b> by building on Wigan's recent FA Cup success against Everton. Martínez's side&nbsp;lie 18th, three points shy of Aston Villa in 17th position.<br> "I <b>do</b> see it as the strongest fight out of the last four I've been involved in,"&nbsp;said the Wigan manager. Still needing a couple of wins to steer clear of a relegation <b>battle</b> themselves, Newcastle will hope their in-form striker and Thursday night's Europa League saviour, Papiss Cissé, can add to <b>his</b> three goals in his last six Premier League games.<br> Tom ClarkeVenue DW Stadium, <b>Sunday</b> 4pmTickets £25-£27 (0871 66 33 552)Last season Wigan 4 Newcastle 0Referee M HalseyThis season's matches 14 Y34, R2, 2.57<br> cards per gameOdds Wigan 11-8 Newcastle 19-10 Draw 12-5WiganSubs from Robles, Boyce, Caldwell, Maloney, Espinoza, McArthur, <b>McManaman,</b> Henríquez, <a href = "">Fibroids-MiracleFibroids-M iracle </a> LópezDoubtful McManaman (ankle)Injured Ramis (knee, Oct), Pollitt (hip, unknown), Crusat, Miyaichi (both knee, unknown), Watson (leg, unknown)Suspended NoneForm guide LWLDDLDisciplinary record Y47 R2Leading scorer Koné 8NewcastleSubs from Harper, Campbell, Haïdara, Perch, <b>Bigirimana,</b> Anita, Gouffran, <b>Obertan,</b> AmeobiDoubtful Cabaye (groin)Injured Ben Arfa (hamstring, Aug), Coloccini (back, unknown), Krul (ankle, two weeks) R Taylor (knee, August), Vuckic (knee, August)Suspended NoneForm guide WLWLWWDisciplinary <b>record</b> Y54 R2Leading scorer Cissé 7Match pointers• Wigan average 2.5 points per Premier League home game <b>against</b> Newcastle, more than they do against any other team they have <b>played</b> more than twice• The Wigan forward Callum McManaman has played more sub appearances without ever&nbsp;starting than <b>any</b> other player in Premier League history (17)• Three of the Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye's six&nbsp;league goals <b>this</b> season have been scored <b>from</b> <b>outside</b> the box• Newcastle have scored twice in six Premier League visits to WiganWigan AthleticNewcastle UnitedPremier &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds It has nothing to do with biology, researchers at Oxford University tell the London Daily Telegraph.<br> Rich and educated <b>couples</b> can afford in vitro fertilization more than poor couples, who are more prone to unplanned pregnancies.<br> "Every day <b>I</b> wake up <b>thinking,</b> what can I <b>do</b> next and what more can I do?" she tells the <b>show.</b> "With my husband by my side, and now Skyler, <b>my</b> son, and the team that I have, I feel like anything is possible." The veteran stage clowns David Shiner and Bill Irwin have teamed up for a new multimedia show at the Signature
koszconmaon 2013/11/21, 9:32 AM

Brian Stelter’s book, “Top of the Morning,” looks inside the rivalries of morning TV talk shows.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The British comedian Stephen Fry brought a sharp tongue and a Twitter following of millions when he<br><img src=" 705862-400-400.jpg"><br> ; confronted a Russian lawmaker who drafted the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in <b>St.</b> Petersburg.Francis Collins says he shares concern that researcher veered into roots of the Tea Party The United States <b>and</b> China will start negotiating a sweeping bilateral investment treaty, which could open vast sectors of their economies to investments from the <b>other</b> side.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; JERUSALEM - Traffic has come to a standstill on major roads across Israel as activists hold a nationwide five-minute protest to draw attention to the plight of a captured Israeli soldier still held by Palestinian militants. I have been arguing with readers on my blog about how to improve D.C.<br> public schools. It may sound like the same <a href = "">forex growth bot </a> over D.C.<br> Schools Chancellor Michelle A.<br> Rhee , which should be resolved soon. (This column's deadline was Monday, before the polls closed on the mayoral race.)<br> But our online... The host of a popular crime show <b>in</b> Trinidad received a <b>fine</b> but no jail time Tuesday for airing a video of a sexual assault that authorities said illegally revealed the identity of the teenage victim. Inside the Globe and Laurel — past tables <b>filled</b> with Marines, federal law enforcement officers and defense contractors — regulars at this Quantico-area bistro know where the action really is on Thursday nights: the <b>porch.</b> <b></b> Read full article &#62;&#62; Viewers of Britain’s Sky News were treated to the unusual spectacle of a correspondent reporting live on his own detention from the <b>back</b> of a Chinese police van. The government called for a law requiring Internet service providers to <a href = "">micro niche finder </a> traffic on their networks equal priority, saying existing rules were insufficient. Dwyane Wade had 32 points and LeBron James <b>added</b> 20 to help the Heat defeat the Timberwolves. U.S.<br> stocks rose last week, producing the first three-month gain for the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index since 2007, as commodities posted the biggest <b>monthly</b> rally since 1974 on bets that <b>an</b> economic recovery will boost demand for fuel, metals and crops. <b>Oklahoma</b> City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka has been fined $25,000 for <b>striking</b> Blake Griffin<br><img src=" pg"><br> ; of the Los Angeles Clippers in the groin area, the National Basketball Association said on Tuesday.<br> After President Hugo <b>Chávez’s</b> death, The Times’s William Neuman surveys the scene in Caracas and the president of the Inter-American Dialogue examines American relations going forward. Budget Minister Jérôme Cahuzac resigned from the French government on Tuesday evening, just <b>after</b> an <b>announcement</b> that he <a href = "">fat-burning-f urnace </a> investigated on charges of tax fraud and money laundering. Karl Lagerfeld likes <b>a</b> global perspective, but sometimes <b>it’s</b> better just to focus on buttons and fabric. Q.<br> I was going into foreclosure, but the bank gave <b>me</b> a loan modification. I agreed to the modification at the beginning, but now I see it was <b>a</b> <b>mistake</b> <b>and</b> think foreclosure would be better.<br> What do I have to do - just stop <b>paying?</b> Disney quiety scrapped plans it announced in 2010 to redo a retail shopping area on Disney property.<br> Now it has announced <b>new</b> plans, <b>for</b> a themed mall called Disney Springs. A <b>single</b><br><img src=""><br> ; teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder contributes a hint of New World <b>flavor</b> to an Old World Hungarian goulash. Don't be surprised if your family asks for this soup time and again.<br> Marcel Goc and Drew Shore scored third-period goals, and <a href = "">google sniper 2.0 </a> Panthers prevented the New York Rangers from clinching an Eastern Conference playoff berth with a 3-2 victory on Tuesday night.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Senate on Thursday voted 100-0 to approve the nomination of Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx as Transportation Secretary.<br> The unanimous vote<br><img src=" o-shoot.jpg"><br> ; was a rarity for a Cabinet <b>appointee</b> .<br> Foxx, whose confirmation process was smooth, drew national attention when his city <b>hosted</b> the 2012 Democratic National Convention.<br> As we’ve noted, at 42, Foxx <b>will</b> be the youngest member<br><img src=" imal-Photography-1.jpg"><br> ; of the Obama Cabinet.<br> Read full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With a weak pound, Lord Jones suggests that not-so-Great Britain could re-establish its manufacturing base.<br> In his new collection of <b>essays,</b> <b>Mr.<br></b> Hemon writes about growing up in Sarajevo and his life in Chicago.<br> When Maria Velleca and her <b>family</b> moved from Connecticut in the <b>summer</b> of<br><img src=" rc_34_1340941009/content/assets/Araluen-0.jpg"><br> ; <b>2006,</b> she told their real estate agent in Washington there was one
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Rats' brains operate differently when the animals are in virtual reality <b>Nonpartisan</b> center for debate, research, education and <b>policy</b> about civility in public discourse was created in the <b>aftermath</b> of the Jan. 8 shootings in the city<br><img src=""><br&g t ; where six people were killed and 13 injured, including Rep.<br> Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).Major<br> media companies, including Condé Nast, Yahoo and Hulu, are promoting online video programming on a <b>large</b> scale, but it is not clear whether advertising dollars will follow.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Older veterans <b>often</b> are slow to recognize <b>post-traumatic</b> stress syndrome, even as it haunts many of them. Just when he thought he'd finally understood the unique nature of links golf, Phil Mickelson arrived at last year's British Open and missed <b>the</b> cut for <b>the</b> first time at a major in five <b>years.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b> Juventus clinched their second successive Serie A title with three games to <b>spare</b> by beating Palermo 1-0 on Sunday, crowning a season which <b>coach</b> Antonio Conte described as a "triumphant march."&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With significant expertise in corporate projects (health care, law, and civic), planning, and mixed-use housing, Amy Burkett (President and Owner, Burkett Design) has delivered boundary-pushing architecture and interiors for more than 25 years. The Metropolitan Opera’s chief, Peter Gelb, is softening his assessment of the <b>house’s</b> <b>HD</b> broadcasts as cannibalizing ticket sales.<br> But there are reasons to think he was right. Federal Reserve policy isn't to blame for the steep inflation and other woes affecting developing nations, the central bank's chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, said Friday as he tried to rebut a rising chorus of criticism of the Fed's easy-money <b>policies</b> from abroad.<br> My sister's wedding is six months away. Like most brides,<br><img src=""><br> ; she wants to be in top shape when she says "I do." But like any budget-strapped young professional, she <b>doesn't</b> want to pay <b>to</b> get there.<br> No $100-a-month <b>gym</b> membership. No $50-an-hour personal training sessions. In the grand scheme of wedding expenditures, we decided, this part would be free. Humor, music and spirituality can boost your mood, but growing evidence suggests that they also offer physical benefits.<br> When a health-care provider harms instead of heals, patients who seek answers and redress generally face the prospect<br><img src=" 16929572-500-706.jpg"><br> ; of a long and costly<br><img src=" .jpg"><br> ; lawsuit.<br> But there's another option, one that can significantly reduce the toll of a court battle while providing many of the <b>same</b> benefits to patients and th... Cuts at <b>world's</b> oldest travel firm come as bed company Dreams loses 400 staff and 300 jobs go at <b>Axminster</b> CarpetsThomas Cook, the world's oldest travel firm, is cutting 2,500 British jobs and closing 195 of its high street travel agencies.Peter<br> Fankhauser, Thomas Cook's <b>Europe</b> and UK chief executive, said it was "never easy" to make job cuts but insisted <b>the</b> company had to make sure its administrative costs were "as <a href = "">aquaponics 4 you download </a> possible".The company, <b>which</b> has already cut more than 1,100 jobs over the past year, will shed up to 1,600 jobs in its high street shops with the remainder coming from administrative positions.Jobs<br> at its head offices in Peterborough and Preston <b>are</b> <b>most</b> at risk, while <b>its</b> Accrington office will be shut.The new jobs cuts represent more <b>than</b> 15% of Thomas Cook's <b>15,500</b> staff.<br> Having recently shut 149 stores, Thomas Cook will be left with 874 travel agencies across the UK and Northern Ireland.Many<br> of the branches being closed are Co-operative Travel stores, which Thomas Cook's previous boss Manny Fontenla-Novoa bought just two year ago."It is never easy to make decisions that impact directly on our people, but we also <b>owe</b> it <b>to</b> <b>our</b> customers to shape the business <b>effectively</b> and ensure that, <b>when</b> they book <b>their</b> holiday with us, our administrative costs are as low as possible," Fankhauser said.He said the cuts would make the company "better" and "more <b>profitable".Thomas</b> Cook, which has been struggling since the 2011 Arab spring uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa put off holidaymakers, lost £590m in the year to the end of September 2012.The company, <b>which</b> was founded by cabinet maker Thomas Cook in 1841, has debts of more than £1.5bn.The Transport Salaried Staffs Association, which represents employees, said it was "shocked and angry" at the scale of the job losses. <b>General</b> secretary Manuel Cortes said:<br><img src=""> <br> ; "This constant policy of <b>slash</b> and burn, with the axing of one in four stores and the loss of jobs, is simply self-defeating. The company needs new products <b>if</b> it to come to terms with the age of the internet and prosper in the 21st century."That<br> is the only way to stop this spiral of <b>decline</b> which repeated bad management decisions over the past<br><img src=""><br> ; five years has led them."Thomas Cook takes 23 million people from across Europe <b>on</b> holiday <b>every</b> year.Thomas CookJob lossesTravel & leisureRupert<br> &copy; 2013<br><img src=" ge_medium_landscape.jpg"><br> ; Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our Terms <b>&</b> Conditions | <b>More</b> Feeds China’s burgeoning <b>new</b> car market made for <b>some</b> interesting concepts at the Shanghai <b>auto</b> show over<br><img src=" 600/Mitchell-livelavalive-mitchell-davis-3111325-360-540.jpg"><br > ; the weekend.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Where are some<br><img src=" quot;><br> ; of the places this group has recited verse?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Don't count out the captain.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Just</b> a day before President Obama <b>announced</b> he <b>would</b> only approve the Keystone XL<br><img src=""><br> ; pipeline if it "does not significantly exacerbate the climate problem," six environmental groups quietly lodged a protest with the State <b>Department</b> charging <b>it</b> would do exactly that.<br> Read full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The VLT, located in Chile, collects and focuses light from distant stars <b>on</b> to a detector, providing vital <b>information</b> about the universe and our place in it Sarah <b>McCarthy</b> has a <a href = "">trademiner pdf </a> for a 16-year-old: She's a vinyl junkie.<br> • Manager <b>to</b> meet Wolves owner after Brighton defeat• Saunders oversaw only five wins in 20 gamesThe Wolves owner Steve Morgan made no mention of his manager, <b>Dean</b> Saunders, in the apologetic statement he issued several hours after his club's second successive relegation was confirmed on Saturday.Whether<br> this means Saunders still <b>has</b> a future at Molineux the former Aston Villa <b>and</b> Liverpool <b>striker</b> will find out on Monday, when he meets Morgan and the chief executive, Jez Moxey, to discuss the rebuilding process <b>that</b> Saunders insisted began when the final whistle blew at <b>the</b> Amex <b>Stadium.He</b> has yet to convince <b>many</b> of the club's supporters. Losing key players including the striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake to injury has been <b>a</b> factor in Wolves winning only five of his 20 games in charge, but Saunders's selections and <b>tactics</b> have often been hard to understand.This<br> match <b>was</b> a case in point. Judging by the dismayed comments on social media, Stephen Hunt and Bjorn Sigurdarson have been among the club's best players in recent weeks, but both were on the bench, while Bakary <b>Sako,</b> who Saunders admitted afterwards was only "half-fit", started a game the outcome of which felt decided from the moment Kazenga <b>LuaLua</b> scored after barely five minutes.<br> The Brighton winger's second shortly before half-time confirmed the <b>inevitable,</b> and the ease with which Gus Poyet's side <b>saw</b> the game <b>out,</b> husbanding their resources for the forthcoming play-off semi-final against Crystal Palace, was another embarrassment in a humiliating season for <b>the</b> old gold.Saunders,<br> unsurprisingly, made the case for managerial stability. "Look, if you had four managers in <b>Boots</b> the <b>chemist</b> and asked the staff how they feel, they wouldn't know whether they were coming or going: this<br><img src=""><br > ; manager <b>liked</b> what I was doing, this manager doesn't, am I doing <b>the</b> right thing, am I in the right place."The<br> worst thing you can have at a club<br><img src=" _A_Picture.jpg"><br> ; is uncertainty. <b>Someone</b> has to do the job.<br> I'm up for it and I'm going to <b>get</b> on with it," he said.Morgan<br> indicated money would be made available for rebuilding "within the confines of the Football League Financial Fair Play system", but bringing in younger players through <b>the</b> club's academy had <b>to</b> be a large part of the way forward.Wolves <b>are</b> also due to receive another £16m parachute payment, though with a wage bill touching £25m, and falling attendance and commercial revenues, there will surely be a lot more going than coming at Molineux over the summer.Saunders<br> declined to discuss names, though Jamie O'Hara, constantly reminded by<br><img src=""><br> ; the supporters of his reputed<br><img src=""&g t;<br> ; £40,000 a week wages and booed every time he touched the ball, has surely played his last game for the club.<br> The <b>former</b> Spurs midfielder gestured in return <a href = "">forex growth bot </a> his team-mates shuffled awkwardly over to applaud the fans at the end of the game, marched down the tunnel without a backward glance.The contrast <b>with</b> what is going on at Brighton could hardly have been more marked, and Saunders cited the Seagulls, not so very long ago groundless <b>and</b> penniless,<br><img src="" ;><br> ; as an example of how crisis usually contains opportunity."We<br> have <b>been</b> here nearly three seasons and you <b>can</b> see there is a plan, players understand the way <b>we</b> want to play," <b>said</b> Poyet. "When you maintain a group of key players<br><img src=""> <br> ; and staff, it's better, everybody <b>knows</b> that.<br> We are in a great moment as a team and as a club.<br> We finished ahead of Palace, and we need to prove we are the better team. Being Palace there is an extra edge to the games, and we need to control that."Man<br> of the match Kazenga <b>LuaLua</b> (Brighton).ChampionshipBrighton & Hove AlbionWolverhampton WanderersRichard<br> &copy; <b>2013</b> <b>Guardian</b> News and Media Limited or its <b>affiliated</b> companies.<br> All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Man of Steel star warns much-anticipated Avengers-style ensemble film needs considerable<br><img src=""><br> ; <b>time</b> period of 'building up'Man <b>of</b> Steel star <b>Henry</b> <b>Cavill</b> has said he does <b>not</b> expect to see a Justice League film – which <b>would</b> have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman uniting on the big screen – arriving in cinemas any time soon.The<br> ensemble superhero tale, based on a long-running DC Comics series, is being considered by Warner Bros in the wake of Man of Steel's impressive opening <b>at</b> the global box<br><img src=""&g t;<br> ; office earlier this month.<br> The <b>studio</b> <b>would</b> hope to mirror the success of Marvel's The Avengers, which took $1.5bn last year and currently stands as the third-highest-grossing film of all time.However,<br><img src="">&l t;br> ; Cavill told ABC <b>News</b> he did not believe conditions were yet right for Justice League to go into production."Justice League could be great if done correctly," said <b>Cavill.<br></b> "It's a very <b>tough</b> one to do <b>because</b> the DC Comic heroes are all god-like in their power. So in this real-world universe, real-world <b>setting</b> we're telling our story in, it's <b>going</b> to be tough to achieve that. It has to be done very delicately, with a lot <b>of</b> thought.<br> So, it won't be right <b>away.<br></b> I hope it's not, anyway. It may take<br><img src=" ee-people/vintage-floral-cropped-bralette_8-pretty-bralettes-by-free-people. jpg"><br> ; some time of building up <b>other</b> movies <b>and</b> other <b>characters</b> and introducing them together in one way or another."Warner<br> has been planning a Justice <b>League</b> film for the best part of a <b>decade.<br></b> A version from Mad Max's George Miller, which would have starred The <b>Social</b> Network's Armie Hammer <b>as</b> the caped crusader, was canned in 2010.<br> Warner's DC universe currently features only Superman, a Batman who has reached the end <a href = "">tinnitus miracle download </a> cycle (thanks to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight <b>trilogy)</b> and a Green Lantern whose film was hated by critics.Man of Steel, written by The Dark Knight's David S Goyer, and <b>with</b> Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) in the <b>director's</b> chair, has so far made just over $400m worldwide and looks on course to be one of the year's highest-grossing films.<br> A second Man of Steel film is being fast-tracked into production.SupermanWarner BrosChristopher NolanScience fiction and fantasyAction and adventureFilm industryUnited StatesBen<br> &copy; <b>2013</b> Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our <b>Terms</b> & Conditions | More Feeds Pakistani schoolgirl who survived Taliban assassination attempt speaks at UN headquarters on day named in her <b>honourMalala</b> Yousafzai, <b>the</b> Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban, delivered a powerful <b>address</b> to the United Nations in New <b>York</b> on Friday, calling on governments around the world to provide every child with free education and denouncing the terrorists who attacked her.Malala, who was ambushed on a bus in Pakistan's Swat valley after promoting girls' access to education, said that she would not be silenced and instead stepped up her campaign to eradicate illiteracy <b>and</b> poverty.Speaking to a delegation of more than 500 young people, Malala said: "On the night of 9 October 2012, the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends, too. They thought the bullet would silence us, but they failed."She criticised the <b>Taliban</b> for their <b>interpretation</b> of Islam in their attack on girls' education. "They think that God<br><img src=" ert-express-launch/ g"><br> ; is a tiny, little conservative being who would send girls to the hell <b>just</b> because of going to school. The terrorists are misusing the name of Islam and Pashtun society <b>for</b> their own personal benefits," she said.Malala called for women around the world to be "brave" in their struggle to fight back.<br> "Let us arm ourselves with <b>the</b> weapon of knowledge and let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness," Malala said.In<br> November, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon declared 12 July, her birthday, Malala Day.<br> While introducing her on Friday at the UN headquarters in New York, Ban said that by targeting Malala, "extremists showed what they fear most: a girl with a book."In her speech, Malala dedicated the day to women around the world.<br> "Malala Day is not my day: today is the day of every woman, every <b>boy</b> and every <b>girl</b> who have raised their voice for their rights," Malala said.She delivered her remarks from a raised <b>platform</b> <b>and</b> said she was wearing a shawl belonging to the <b>late</b> Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto."Thousands<br> of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions injured, I am just one of them," <a href = "">vitiligo treatment </a> "So here I stand, here I stand, just <b>one</b> girl among many."She<br> said she was at the UN to speak for the education of every child and that she believes peace is necessary for education.<br> "This is what my soul is telling me, be peaceful and love everyone," she said."So<br> today, we call upon the world leaders to change their strategic policies in favor of peace and prosperity," Malala said. She then called on all governments to offer free education, to fight against terrorism and protect children from violence.<br> "We are really tired of these wars," she said.Malala<br> called on women to take up the fight, and not expect men to do it for them.<br> "I am focusing on women's rights <b>and</b> education <b>because</b> they are suffering the most.<br> There was a time when women asked men to stand up for their rights, but this time we will do it for <b>ourselves."She</b> said this was not a call for men to step away from women's rights but that she wanted <b>to</b> focus on encouraging women to empower themselves.<br> "We can <b>not</b> all succeed when half of us <b>are</b> held back," she said.Former British prime minister Gordon Brown, who <b>escorted</b> her to the UN <b>meeting,</b> described Malala as "the <b>most</b> courageous girl in the world".Malala was sent to a British hospital for rehabilitation <b>after</b> the assassination attempt and now attends Edgbaston high school for girls <b>in</b> <b>Birmingham.</b> She also set up the Malala Fund to direct money to education efforts for young women in Pakistan and around the world.A<br> Unesco and Save the Children study (pdf) released to coincide with the speech shows that 57m children around the world are out of school.The<br> study shows that the amount of primary school age children who are not attending school<br><img src=" ap.jpg"><br> ; has fallen<br><img src=""><br> ; from 60m <b>in</b> 2008, but the number of children in conflict-affected <b>countries</b> who <b>are</b> not in school rose from 42% to 50%.A Unesco report released last month warned that efforts to reduce the number of children out of school has hit a <b>"virtual</b> standstill."The data also shows a 6% drop in international aid for basic <b>education</b> between 2010 and <b>2011</b> and an 11% drop in aid for secondary education. Six of <b>the</b> top 10 world donors – Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and the US – have cut <b>spending.Malala</b> YousafzaiUnited NationsTalibanBan Ki-moonUnescoPakistanAidUniversal primary educationAmanda <b></b> &copy; <b>2013</b> Guardian <b>News</b> <b>and</b> Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our<br><img src=" 600/Zoya_Nail_Polish_Lovely_Spring-2013_tease.jpg"><br> ; Terms & Conditions | More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Alison and Bob found common ground in college and say love and humor have kept them together <b>for</b> <b>38</b> years. President Obama orders plans giving U.S. military "full capacity to act" in Libya if situation worsens but expresses several notes of